Yahoo Group Offers Reiki To Animals

Posted by: John Sawyer

A wonderful resource for animal Reiki practitioners is the Animal Reiki Source Yahoo group. This group was founded by Kathleen Prasad, co-author of “Animal Reiki”. The group is intended to support the practice of Reiki with animals and to be a healing circle offering Reiki to animals and their owners as needed.

Reiki practitioners of all levels and lineages are welcome as well as those interested in learning about animal Reiki. Some group members have active Reiki practices and share advice on how to start a Reiki practice. Others share their experiences volunteering Reiki at animal shelters and preserves. Still others simply offer Reiki to requests as they are made.

Anyone may request Reiki for animals in need. Requests may be made for any situation that involves an animal. There are many wonderful stories of healings and happy endings in the group message archives along with photos of animals.

If you are a Reiki practitioner interested in working with animals, or just someone interested in Reiki as it is used with animals, feel free to join us! You may subscribe by visiting the group page at this URL:



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