Honoring Their Path

Posted by: John Sawyer

One of my Reiki students told me today that she’d been very upset by the recent loss of a dog whom she had cared for. This was not the usual emotional upheaval we all experience at the transition of a beloved animal, although there was certainly plenty of that. She was bothered by the fact that during the crisis of the dog’s last couple of days, she had forgotten about Reiki.

I asked her “Why do you think that bugged you so much?” She replied “Because maybe I could have done more.”

She put her finger right on an issue that many of us face as Reiki practitioners when an animal we’re working with makes their transition. She has been Level 1 Reiki for a couple of years and was attuned to Reiki 2 a few months ago. Her Reiki 2 attunement was a big step for her in that her energy level went up considerably and she had a number of very positive experiences shortly thereafter.

I’m sure many Reiki practitioners have experienced the high that comes with flowing increased amounts of energy and seeing positive results from it. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you had a part in the healing of an animal’s physical condition. The trap, of course, is beginning to think that it’s something we have control of and that every encounter will turn out as we wish it to.

So, it was inevitable that she would have an experience like this where things didn’t turn out quite as she’d have wished them to. I had explained to her during her Reiki 2 training that we can only offer Reiki to the animals. It’s up to them what they do with it.

Animals have their own paths through this life just as we do and we have to honor that. That means trusting Reiki to assist them on whatever level is right for them, whether that results in a physical healing or not.

This particular dog was diabetic and had “crashed” earlier in the week due to a drop in her blood sugar. She was taken to the vet and seemed to recover nicely. I saw her two days later and had a lovely Reiki session with her. Two days later, she went into cardiac arrest at the vet and was not able to be revived. No one saw it coming, so it was all the more surprising.

I explained to my student that even though she was not conscious of it at the time, she is Reiki and the dog took from her what she needed. At this stage, it’s not as though she turns her Reiki on or off so that she’s either flowing it or not. While she can consciously cause Reiki to flow, it’s not necessary as it will flow to any being on her vibrational wavelength who wants it.

We all want our offer of Reiki to result in a positive outcome for the recipient. We wouldn’t be involved with Reiki if we didn’t. What’s important is to trust Reiki to provide healing on whatever level is needed, even if we can’t perceive it with our physical senses. We also need to trust the animals to know their path and to appreciate that we were called to participate in that path for however brief a time.



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